Tuesday, February 4, 2014

India, February 2014

Once again the Lord gave us a safe journey to our family in India. Al has been here seven times and I have probably come five times. Working with the same women all these times has drawn us close like true family. 

This morning was our turn to go to Seth's church. He is younger and so is his congregation, there are many college girls. The music is lively and the service includes lots of praying, often on their knees. It was communion Sunday which meant receiving it on our knees, which was significant for me who has never done that in church. We also enjoyed a meal of tomato rice and onion salad that was served to everyone afterwards. It was tasty. Seth's wife Eunice and her mother prepared it for the whole church. It was nice for us to be with the people. I was asked by many to pray for them. What a joy to serve the true king.

We had a nap but are still feeling the affects of jet lag. Hopefully we will sleep well tonight and feel normal tomorrow.

Life in India: Our AC wasn't working and after much work to convince the hotel person, we were moved. In the morning when our breakfast didn't come, we told them shortly after. It never did come until we were outside waiting for our ride. They then had it ready and tried to convince us to go back to our room and eat it. We have brought food just for that reason so granola bars with peanut butter tasted good.

Trusting Jesus,

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