Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Arrival in Thailand

What a blessing to be in Thailand! It was a difficult flight here, 10 1/2 hours overnight beginning at 11 pm. I couldn't sleep at all, only about an hour total, so I was rather tired when we arrived. We immediately went to lunch and met some visitors and supporters of the work here but I was able to keep it together until nap time.  

We finished well in N. India. The men worked so hard and learned so much not only about how to study, but also about the gospel in the book of Romans. It was life changing for many, including the leader of the movement. He shared at the end how what we had studied had filled in many of the gaps in his own understanding and doubts concerning his own sin. For a leader like himself to make such a statement in front of his young trainers is a credit to his character and humility. He is quite a man. 

Personally it was a tough week for me. I gradually grew more tired as the week went on and really had to rely on the Lord many times just to keep going. I cannot really say why it was so hard this time. A few poor nights of sleep and 14 straight days of hard training are part of the reason no doubt. But I also think that there was an element of spiritual warfare involved. By God's grace and through the prayers of you, we finished the race and saw fantastic results. Praise the Lord!

I have to say that coming to Thailand is a real break for Edie and I. India is so crowded, dirty, noisy and complicated that it tends to wear on you. Here in Thailand it is almost serene by comparison: green, quiet, birds chirping, etc. The weather is perfect, the food is delightful and the fellowship is sweet. Tim and Suzanne joined us from Fort Dodge and we had a great meal together with our missionary friends the Callahan's. They shared their testimony, which is so fantastic and we were moved once again by their simple yet powerful faith. I hope to hear their story many more times as I am blessed, humbled and inspired by them. We had most of the day off yesterday, which we needed, and then I preached at a Thai church this morning. It did not go smoothly as my translator and I both struggled. But the Lord again was good as one older woman said with tears in her eyes how it had encouraged her. Once again at our worst, God is still faithful.  

We begin training tomorrow, Monday, in the afternoon. We are thirteen hours in front of the Midwest, so that is about midnight your time. We look forward to seeing the men again and helping them step forward through a study of Genesis.  


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