Sunday, July 21, 2013

On to Liberia

We had four wonderful days in Paris. It was an unexpected blessing for Edie and I. I seldom know what God is up to! We visited an art museum and the Louvre where we got to see the Mona Lisa. It was a bit of a let down as it is not really a large painting and there was a mob you had to fight your way through to get to the front for a look. What a lousy way to display the most famous painting in the world. Paris really is a beautiful place and we are thankful for the break though we were quite tired at the end each day from all the walking around in the heat.

After three uneventful flights, a rarity on this trip, we are finally in Monrovia, Liberia. It is not terribly hot here but the humidity must be in the 80s or more. We are right at the ocean tonight before heading to Ganta, which is inland, tomorrow. Liberia is such a sad story. After being a rather developed country as far as Africa goes, it has been mostly destroyed by civil war. What a clear picture of what sin does to our lives. As with us the answer is the Lord Jesus Christ and His word. That is why we are here. Even as Christians, little transformation comes in our lives apart from the word of God. Few here know how to study it or preach it. I cannot wait for Monday when we begin giving our trainees the first tools to start that study process. 

This trip has been full of confusion, frustration and disappointment like none other we have ever been on. But I am reminded that all of that is only from my perspective. Our Father is never confused, frustrated or disappointed in what He does. We trust His will and wisdom and press on tomorrow encouraged with the opportunities to serve Him.

Thanks for standing with us in prayer,


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