Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Challenges and Unexpected Trips to Paris

This has been the most challenging trip ever for us. We had 4 majorly delayed flights, changed airlines, and missed two flights completely. All in all we could not get a flight into Congo before our training ended. Brad and Stu, my teammates, are carrying on without Edie and I. Congo has been a major challenge for months and now this. I am not sure what the Lord is doing. Edie and I are "stuck" in Paris of all places. We tried to match-up with some ministry here but have not been able to. We assume that the Lord wanted us to have a few days off. We walked around today, got lost, and generally had fun seeing the ordinary parts of Paris around us. We will join our partners, hopefully, on the 18th in Nairobi on our way to Liberia. This ministry continues to be interesting. We never know what is coming next.


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