Thursday, October 18, 2012

India, October 2012

I have had multiple problems getting hooked up to the Internet, so I am using someone else's computer today.  We arrived safely in Delhi, India on Sunday night. Unfortunately on Monday morning I had some pain in my back that started with a slight catch and gradually became more intense, to the point that I had to get a wheel chair to make it to the gate at the airport.  Edie got me some ice and I improved slightly by the time we arrived in Siliguri.  I was able to walk into the airport and to the car.  But I have struggled with a lot of pain and tightness in my back so that I can not fully walk upright.  This is challenging for my teaching and I have had to sit during much of the training.  It is better a bit each day but I have a ways to go.  We have all experienced quite a bit of different types of opposition in preparation for this trip so we think this is one of many strategies by the enemy to discourage us.  It has been more apparent than usual for this trip, so we feel the enemy must not want us here.  That is all the more reason for us to press on.  Please pray for us in these regards.

The training is going well although it is not the group we expected.  Many of the leaders invited sent young people to represent them so our group is quite young and inexperienced, although there are several that are seasoned and mature.  We are not sure what this will mean for the future.  But we press on with who we have and they are making great progress.  Edie and Linda have only three women to train but that is also going very well. 

Hopefully I can send a more complete blog soon when I get my own computer hooked up.


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