Friday, September 14, 2012

Conclusion of Training in Asia, Sept 2012

We just concluded our training time with ReachGlobal and national leaders. We had been worried how we would do with such a large group; around 50 participants with many different languages represented. However, we were delighted with the results, which were beyond our expectations. There were many blessings along the way. Some of the RG staff and most of the nationals have no bible or theological training. For all of them it was an exciting way to learn how to study the bible, and a fun and effective method for learning how to teach others. We foresee our materials and methods being used in many parts of Asia as the year progresses. Already the first workshop is translated into Mandarin, Hindi and Burmese, with work starting on Lahu and Thai. We had many requests for us to come and train pastors in new countries, Bhutan, Nepal, Japan, Mongolia, etc.  

On Thursday night we met with the leaders of the Lahu group we trained last week. It was such an incredible blessing to see how our training was already influencing their thinking and planning. We had asked for prayer that we would be culturally sensitive as we trained. They affirmed that we had come across humbly and lovingly. Thank you for praying with us. The Lahu have a growing vision to train pastors all over SE Asia with what they have learned. They also are thinking about how they need to change the way they teach in the bible school, learning to teach from the bible itself instead of just from books. I was overwhelmed again with the idea that God would choose to use me in such a strategic way to help so many others learn to study, apply and teach the bible. I continue to be amazed at His grace.

I leave for home tonight greatly thankful to the Lord. I am anxious to see grandchild #14 who was born last night: Levi Nathan at 9lb 12oz.


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