Friday, October 26, 2012

On to Ahmedabad

We just finished our last day of training in South India. We are all really tired but it is a "happy tired." The group here did really well in picking up the training, perhaps the best of any group we have trained. We are really hopeful that they will spread the training to many groups. They all will be good trainers. We have many stories of moments of insight, good presentations and enthusiastic learning. We always learn during these trainings as well, not only about better methods of teaching, but from the Word of God itself.  What a privilege we have!

The electricity here goes on and off every hour or so. Each time it does they have to switch to a generator and then back again in the next hour. I have no idea why that is. Tomorrow we have a much needed day off, the first in the last two weeks. Our days are long, from early morning to late at night, training and preparing for the next day. Thankfully we are sleeping well most nights.

Sunday I preach in one of the churches here and then we leave in the afternoon for Ahmedabad. We are looking forward to another good week of training there.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support,

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