Friday, July 29, 2011

Traveling to Uganda

Our time here in Trichy, India has been extremely fruitful. The people has been very responsive to the teaching Mark and I have presented and the women have loved what Edie has done with them. We are so thankful. On Thursday I taught on our identity in Christ from Romans 6-8 and on God’s design for marriage. Afterwards there was a time of testimony from those attending. A couple of the older pastors gave impassioned responses. One said that in 50 years of hearing preaching at conferences and elsewhere he had never heard teaching like this. One older man hugged and kissed me almost in tears as he expressed appreciation for what he had learned. The people here have treated us like celebrities in spite of our protests. Little do they know that we are little, unknown people that God has chosen to use to teach them. We count it such an awesome privilege to serve in this way.

We are investigating whether further training here in the future will be possible. We do not just want to do conferences, but would like to train nationals to train others. There may be some real possibilities here as the leaders have contacts in 6 – 8 cities an hour or two surrounding this city. We could train teams here and send them out to these cities. We will see what happens.

It has been very hot here but bearable since we have air conditioning at night. The food has been equally hot in a spicy way and we are ready for something a bit milder. Edie heads for home tonight and I press on to Uganda and Kenya. I will miss her and her faithful encouragement deeply. But I am looking forward to meeting new brothers in Uganda. I have no idea what to expect there either in terms of the level of understanding, education or even the accommodations. I fly all night and wait for my training partner until about noon their time and then we travel by car 4 hours to the training location. Who knows what that will be like. Once again this role proves to be an adventure.


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