Monday, July 18, 2011

Safe Arrival to Thailand

We arrived in Chiang Mai, Thailand safely, if not completely sound. We left Minneapolis around 9 am on Friday and arrived in Bangkok, via Chicago and Seoul Korea, around 9 pm local, or 9 am Minneapolis time, almost exactly 24 hours later. International travel is a bear any way you slice it. We slept well in an inexpensive but clean hotel near the airport and then flew on to Chiang Mai early the next morning.

The conference is going well. I am making a lot of good connections as the Lord puts me in contact with various missionaries on our Asia team. I think some significant opportunities to train pastors will come about in the future as a result. Thanks for your continued prayers as this connections business is not my strength but the Lord is helping me greatly. Unfortunately, by habit, Edie forgot and washed her mouth out with tap water after brushing her teeth and now has some stomach distress. Hopefully it will be short lived. Prayers for her health are appreciated.

Chiang Mai seems to be a beautiful area although we will probably see little of it. We had dinner at a restaurant not too far from our hotel and rode back with a couple from Japan in a Tuk Tuk, a three wheeled motorcycle type taxi. It usually seats only three but I sat on the battery beside the driver and hung on for dear life. We do have some fun with life from time to time.

We count it such a privilege to be around our ReachGlobal missionaries. They are a great bunch of soldiers for the Lord. Our faith is being increased. We always hear some great stories of God’s work. It has also been a joy to reconnect with some of the missionaries we have met in the past. The Lord is good.

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