Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Good Day

We had a great day today. My interview in front of the group went very well and I had another great lunch appointment that shows real promise of more training opportunities. I remain amazed at the opportunities that God is opening up for us. My seminar went very well also, with several asking for samples of materials. One missionary in transition asked about the possibility of joining our training team. All in all it was a very fruitful day. Tomorrow I present the seminar once again and have another lunch appointment. Thanks for continuing to pray.

Tonight we had the privilege of traveling about an hour out of town to a training center ReachGlobal partners with that serves the Lahu hill people of Thailand. They have about 35 churches and about 3,000 believers in the group. At the center they train young people for ministry. Many have to learn to read and write and do the course work, all in three years. We were so impressed with their hard work and the joy that seemed to accompany their efforts. I had the honor of saying a few words of encouragement to the group and praying for them. My translator was a very small man, probably 1/3 my size. We had some fun playing that up together. I picked him up once and he later leaned against me and rubbed my belly. The whole place roared. What a joy to rejoice with a brother from a totally different culture. Unfortunately, we forgot our camera, everyone who knows us will not find that surprising. But some others got pictures so we will try to get some and post them if possible.


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