Saturday, December 4, 2010

News from Ghana

I (Al) am in Ghana and adjusting to the 6 hour time change. On the way because of weather I missed my flight out of Atlanta and had to spend the night and then fly to New York to come on to Ghana. It is very hot and humid this time of year here with heat indexes over 100 everyday. Quite a change from the Midwest and snow that we left.

We spent some time today with Walter Pimpong the leader here. It turns out that we were at Trinity Seminary at the same time years ago but did not know each other. He is a fine godly man whom the Lord has used greatly here in Ghana. He has a ministry that rescues women who have been enslaved by a satanic cult. They have schools to train the women and other ministries to aide them. His group has also planted around 80 churches and we will be training some of their pastors and other pastors from the area in our conference. We hope to build some bridges with ReachGlobal for the future. The conference starts on Monday and we will be seeing some of the sights here in Ghana until then. I'll try to update as I can over the next few days.


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