Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last days in Ghana

Today was the last day of training. Tomorrow I do the devotions on Ephesians 5, we hear testimonies and then we leave after lunch for Accra. We fly out for Atlanta at 12:30 am that night. The teaching has gone really well and I think the pastors gained a lot on Bible study methods and on the principles of marriage. It is always interesting to me how much I learn by teaching; even as I teach the same things, God opens up new insights to me over and over again.

I did learn a lot about the ministry here, called IN Network, Ghana. It is quite extraordinary. There is a cult here called the Trakosi. It teaches that if something bad happens in the family, like a death or serious problem, it is because the family is cursed by the gods. The only solution is to take one of your virgin daughters to a Trakosi priest and offer her to him as his slave. Girls as young as 5 or 6 sometimes are given into slavery in this way. The priest keeps them and sires many children from his "harem". Some have over 100 slaves. The ministry here helps liberate these girls, counsels them, offers training so they can earn a living, and gives their children an education. Nearly all become Christians in the process.

A man from Wisconsin came with us and has been taking great pictures. I have posted some on my Facebook page and hopefully I can attach more on the blog when I get home.

INN tries to plant a church wherever there is a shrine for this cult. We were training some of their church planters and some other pastors from the area that they invited. We are so privileged to be a part of this great ministry. Our prayer is that these men will be better equipped to go home to their churches and build them on the Word of God. Thanks for your help.


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