Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Great Week of Training

It has been a very good week training pastors. We have around 60 and many of them have come from long distances for the training. The are eager to learn and have great attitudes. I and another pastor, Lee Heyward, trade off teaching devotions in the morning from the book of Ephesians. The we split the group into two groups and I teach on Bible study methods in the morning and on Marriage in the afternoon. Lee teaches on leadership principles. Today we traded groups and will start over with the same material. It is so rewarding to see these pastors grapple with the Word and rethink their beliefs, especially in the area of their marriages. We are not trying to get them to adopt an American view of marriage but a biblical one.

I did the devotion today on being raised up with Christ in the heavenly places and what a display that is to the powers and authorities, chapter 3:8-12. They responded really well and we entered a really neat time of worship together in response to the Word. What a privilege to be here!

I posted some pictures on my facebook so you can see there some of the sights around here. Go to Alan J. Lewis and they should be on my profile.


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