Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting Ready to Go Out Again

Two weeks from today we leave for our next trip. This one is our “maiden voyage” so to speak. We will be teaching, mentoring and building relationships. Lots of details need to be checked off in order to be prepared in a “physical” sense. But more importantly we have the subtle battle with our flesh and the enemy to be in shape with the Spiritual. It is time to gear up for real mission and that is to Glorify God and serve Him as He leads us. There are many unknowns particularly in Burundi.

We will be sending off a prayer letter soon and posting it as well on this blog. Our contact will be limited in that we won’t have our computers so thought I would start informing you now on what is coming up for us. Thanks for your prayers and interest in our ministry.

May all praise with thanksgiving be given to Him.

Al and Edie

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