Friday, March 6, 2009

On the road again

Dear fellow Sojourners,
No matter where we are and what God has given us to do, we are still on a path taking us to our true home. I read this prayer by Susanna Wesley as my path became steeper.

"Almighty God, I thank you because day after day has verified the truth of our Saviour's words: "Sufficient to the day is the evil thereof." Through the weakness and corruption of human nature and the unavoidable business of my station in life: in cross occurrences, with abundance of other things incident to human life, I find occasion given to me daily to exercise virtues of one kind or another... I draw near unto you the supreme fountain of virtue, for grace in the perplexed affairs of life, and thank you for every occasion on which I have found your strength to be made perfect in weakness: and I thank you that you are truth itself and that all your promises are yea and amen, through Jesus Christ, your mediator. " This prayer gave me words for my own prayers and direction for my thinking as I carried through with His grace the "perplexed affairs of Life" since we have been home.

Today we head off across the state for Al to present some messages at a mission's conference in Oelwein. I don't know how the Lord has lead his thinking but am really looking forward to hearing what the Lord has given him. I am feeling the need to be fed with real food. We then are meeting with a mission's committee in another church Monday night. We expect to be home on Tuesday evening.

Please pray for hearts to hear what the Lord is saying. "The fields are ripe for harvest but the workers are few" That we as the messengers do not get in the way of the message.

Pray for us to have strength especially Al who will be doing the speaking. We are both recovering from a chest cold that has really zapped our energy.
My computer's hard drive crashed losing all the information (if this isn't an ongoing saga, part of my "station in life"). That means it will be alot of work to make sure our prayer partner list is up to date. I had saved some on our stick but not sure how much. Then I need to get a prayer letter out. We leave on our next overseas trip 2 weeks from today.
Prayer for preparation of messages in places and with people we have never met on our next trip overseas. More about that later.

Thanks so much for keeping up with us. Journeying with the Savior, Edie for us both

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