Friday, March 27, 2009

Another day in Mongolia

How are all of you doing? We are feeling very well. We are taking an immunity booster vitamin which is doing it’s job. We are packed up ready to be picked up. We are meeting with the team to do an evaluation of them. I am not a part of this except to be present.

It’s Snowing! It did this yesterday too but only for a few hours and then the sun came out. It is very dry here with little vegetation. Their power plants are coal burning which causes terrible pollution. Part of the sacrifice of serving here is the toll it takes on your physical life.

We have been learning a significant amount of historical and cultural information regarding Mongolia. The reason is that it factors into the development of the church as well as reaching the people here. Some interesting things you may not know is that many still live in Ghers, round homes, shaped like a circus tent with a stove pipe up through the middle of the roof. The people have been nomadic herders but that lifestyle is becoming increasingly more difficult to sustain a family.

The country has been vulnerable to domination by Russia and China. They are doing their best to make alliances with the west to keep from that happening again. Because of their history of it has become inherent in their culture to be “chameleon” like. Accommodating themselves when it most benefits them. Hence a challenge is to discern whether someone is truly born again or simply doing what it takes to gain financially from foreigners.

Another interesting consideration is how the Chinese worked to change the fierce Mongolian warrior to a more peace loving person. They did this by killing all their horses and encouraging the practice of Buddhism (pacifistic). When the Russians came they destroyed the temples and tried to wipe out the religious practices. Today there is a resurgence of Buddhism and animism. The Mongolian people are struggling to find their identity. They idolize Genghis Khan a violent dictator as well.

Thank you for continuing to lift us up in prayer,


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