Monday, March 23, 2009

Greetings from Mongolia

We are currently staying in an apartment set aside for short-term mission teams. We are meeting with George, a missionary on the far border of Mongolia near Siberia, Russia. Ulaanbaatar is the city we are in and it is like a high desert here. Not much vegetation. All our flights went well. Alan is still feeling dizzy, kind of car sick. The flight from Fort Dodge and then from Minneapolis was extremely bumpy, moving the plane all over the place. He hasn’t been right since even though the other flights were fine. Pray for his ability to engage as the time is short and they are asking for input on an issue over translations being used.

Our accommodations are nice, clean and modest. I couldn’t get hot water so washed my hair in the shower and then my body with a sink of heated water. Again I am thankful for our family vacations in remote camping spots. We are going to see if it is like Eastern Europe where you get hot water at night and then they shut it off until the next evening.

The missionaries have been very sick including the wife of the main missionary. She has a sinus infection and the western doctor said it may have gone to her small sinus bones. If so they have to do a procedure. Pray for her, Lynn is her name. We will go to lunch with him. Then we hope to rest this afternoon, and spend the evening with Tom and Lynn, the missionaries here.

I will sign off for now,



Lisa said...

Great to hear from you and that you arrived safely...will be praying as you requested, esp. for Alan to feel well as there is so much to be done in such a short time and then more travel..
blessings, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Al is not feeling the best. Trusting God to heal and supply all his needs , physical and emotionally. Anxiously awaiting your next post. Love & prayer always,