Sunday, February 16, 2020

Translator Challenges

We finished our training in S. Asia on Thursday and flew to Indonesia on Saturday. The brothers and sisters in S. Asia are very dear to us and made gallant efforts to grow. Some of my men did great, others still seem to not understand the basics, a product of very low educational benefit. Still I was pleased with their attitude and the progress we made. Edie had some real God sighting moments with the women which I will detail later in our next newsletter. That area of the world is always exhausting but we have had a few slow days here in Indonesia to get back on top. The people here are the most gracious and hospitable we have ever worked with. It will be a joy to begin training tomorrow. One problem is that our training partner, who was with us in S. Asia is stuck there. They are giving him all kinds of trouble to get a new passport even though he is a native citizen. It is either harassment for being a Christian or bureaucratic incompetence. At any rate he and his wife cannot be with us this week and she is Edie’s translator so we will see how all this goes. It appears the lady who helped me last year with translate for Edie and I will get a couple of new ones. I met the first and he looks good but the second may be a problem. God knows… 


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