Monday, February 3, 2020

Myanmar to Thailand

We had a good time in Myanmar. The people were quiet and reserved, especially at first. The men seemed to warm up as the workshop went on, seeming to have fun toward the end. The women were a bit more challenging for Edie. They are not used to studying and thought it was a lot of work. Some strange ideas showing some lack of biblical understanding. One woman said she admired Jonah for standing up to God. So there is still more work to be done. I felt the men were more biblically aware and made good progress in learning the study skills. They all seem excited to have the next workshop in June. 

The one challenge for the men is that the pastors only preach once a month, while elders and lay preachers do the rest. The elders may be resistant to the new way of study and preaching and learning from younger pastors. We discussed this and we will see how they do. 

We are now in Thailand and preparing for the refresher and theological training tomorrow. We planned to go to church today but somehow missed the connection with missionary friends. We were disappointed at that.


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