Thursday, October 5, 2017

Prayers and Provision

As some of you know, we had a bit of a crisis last night. The internet had been down all day (due to a power outage); Alan’s phone was not working even though mine did and no translator for either of us for the next day of training. Our leader here had to go back home because he was called by the military where he works. An American IM missionary here, along with some interns that we know, personally joined with Alan to make calls, strategize and pray. By this morning, Al had a solution for the no internet from one of the interns (a “stick”); he had a translator but nothing for me. We didn’t even know if women would be coming. The guys agreed over breakfast that I should show up any way just in case. 

While dressing for a teaching day I remembered something I had read years ago in a Margaret Jensen book. It was Christmas Eve, her husband was gone (an itinerant Pastor in Canada). They prayed for Christmas dinner, they had no food. She had her children dress for Christmas and set the table. The daughter asked why since they had no food and her mother said, “When we pray for rain we get out the umbrellas, we pray for Christmas dinner we set the table.” Later a knock came and another church had gathered food for a dinner for them. They had a feast! So I dressed and prepared to teach. 

My translator showed up. She is 15 years old, from another city, missing classes. Amazingly gifted. I had my first Roma class of women. It was a time of breaking the ice and introducing Pathways. No doubt awkward for them and for me. But I really feel strongholds were beginning to breakdown. It has been a challenge to convince the men of the reality that I am here to train women or even the value of training women. It just seems to have gone over their head but a district leader came and he has seen the need and he took up the task of praying and working hard to find a translator for me today and tomorrow, (The young girl can’t). The Lord Provides! I am confident the Lord will go before me and provide again according to His will.
Your prayers for us are heard by the Father and are giving us strength, grace and provision. We see it and want you to know how much we feel your presence with us through the spirit.

Servants of Jesus together,

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