Friday, October 13, 2017

On to Germany!

Thursday, October 12: By God’s grace, we have had no intestinal issues. We are feeling fine, but a bit tired after three weeks on the road. Things have not gone that well here in Visuresti. In reality, I have only had three students, the three others that have been here regularly do not seem to be catching much. I am going to have to discuss other options with Lulian today. We are praying that he will be open to training leaders in Bucharest, who in turn can take the training back to small churches like Visuresti. The translator I had on Tuesday was pleasant but limited in her English. At times, we came to a standstill, as I could not think of other ways to say what I wanted and she could not understand my meaning. We eventually worked through it all but it was quite frustrating. More men came on Wednesday but I am not sure how much they get coming only now and again. Thursday, we have church before training so another short session. This has to change if we are going to be successful.

We have been very pleased with how warm and welcoming the families have been to us all through our trip. That has made some of the frustrations seem less important. We came back to Bucharest last night and are having our laundry done today to set us up for the rest of the trip. We leave for Germany tomorrow around noon.


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