Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Teaching the Women in India

Alan has asked me to write about my training with the women in Trichy. I believe it is my 4th time to be with these ladies and we are becoming real partners in discovering God's message for us in the passages we study. I have a skilled translator who is one of the pastor's wives and very much a full participant as well. Our study this time has been of Joseph. I am able to get just so far with the study tools I have, but the real work of identifying the message statements is the beautiful activity of the Spirit of Christ working through each of us together. Monday we struggled some, but Tuesday was a day of revelation for us all. From seeing the titles come and then gathering our insights for message statements and concluding with the II Tim. 3:16 exercise of teaching, reproof, correction and training in righteousness. We all were in awe of what we could see of God's application of His truths in our lives today.
Monday I wore an African dress including jewelry. I usually dress Indian so this was welcomed with enthusiasm and laughter. You must know that this was a total God thing. I was going through my Indian things when I came across this dress and thought I would surprise them. Well the day before I was going to wear it they had asked about my trip to Africa and said that they had prayed for me there. I told them I would share the next day. The women loved the videos on my ipad of the African women dancing and singing. With the story of Joseph being set in Egypt, it was especially meaningful. It was a Suzanne icebreaker, She must be rubbing off on me.

Today is our last day. We gave Sherry and Pastor Titus the gifts for their orphanage and their first response was to lay hands on the money and pray. Alan said Titus knows the danger of money and wanted his heart protected. They were surprised and in awe that our church did this. They will pray faithfully for our church and send their love and deepest felt thanks.

On to another long day of pressing on in Jesus for the glorious purpose of understanding His Word better and then being doers not just hearers of His Word. Thank you for lifting us up to His throne of grace today 


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