Tuesday, October 29, 2013


We finished the last day of training today and I consider our time here to be very successful. I can see good progress in the men's ability to study the word. Today we spent some time talking about all the places they are training. I think they were even surprised about how many locations they are working in collectively. They now tell me they are working in 35 locations and have 9 more in the planning stages. We talked about developing a good strategy for reaching as many with the training as possible through multiplication of trainers. This is a new concept they are learning from us and although they agree with it, some time will be needed before they really practically will be able to implement the needed changes. They complained a bit about needing more resources since they are funding all the trainings they are conducting. I told them that this was a gift from God to them to set boundaries on what they could do themselves, forcing them to develop a better strategy of training others to carry the training forward. I think we made some progress toward that goal.  

There certainly is no lack of motivation or vision with them, they want to train all the pastors in S. India, 10's of thousands. This is a great example of what we dream of, multiplying our ministry through others. I told them there was no way I could possibly train in 35 locations in India but that I am doing just that through them. Now they can train in hundreds of other locations, not by themselves, that would be equally impossible, but through those they train. I really think this may happen because they are motivated men of faith and God is empowering us to train His pastors to preach the Word effectively to God's people. It is an exciting adventure to see all this taking place. I want you to know that through your prayers and financial gifts to us the work is being amazingly multiplied here and in other places to the glory of God. Thanks again for your partnership with us.


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