Friday, March 23, 2012

From Hong Kong to Chiang Mai

Our conference here in Hong Kong finishes tomorrow and we fly off to Chiang Mai, Thailand. It has been a great conference with about 20 national leaders from around the world attending. It has been fun to interact with them especially on training issues. I have been talking today with a leader from India about including training from a brother in Kenya into our training schedule. An Oriental Indian leader from NW India will also be attending one of our future training sessions. We are talking with the Kenyan about training in Haiti. That is just a sampling of the day’s discussions. Who knows what God will do with all this cooperation around the world.

We have been going out into Hong Kong in the evenings for our supper. We often ride the subway around town to various restaurants. Tonight we went to the American Chinese restaurant and it was the best I had ever eaten. Then we went to the laser show on Hong Kong bay. This is an incredible city. It also has a dark side as we walked by numerous prostitutes on the way from the subway to the restaurant. So sad.

Please pray for our time in Thailand as we build a relationship of trust with the Lahu leaders. We want to be culturally sensitive and genuine in our care for them. We will report on how it goes.


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