Thursday, March 29, 2012

Asian Adventures

We had a wonderful time meeting with the Lahu leaders. We had good discussions and were able to address many of their questions about starting a training program here for pastors among the Lahu churches. They had a lot of questions because they are not used to being asked to receive teaching and then to pass it on to others. They feel inferior to the American pastors and teachers who usually come. We want to assure them that with the Lord’s help they can do a great job. Our hope is to lay a foundation that will in the future spread to Lahu churches throughout SE Asia. Our current plan is to have an initial pastors conference in September and then start out training a few months later.

It is quite hot here, averaging in the mid 90’s during the day and a little cooler in the evening. Our room gets down to about 87 at night so sleeping is a challenge. The first night I did not sleep well and really struggled with the various meetings we had the next day. We travelled several hours and met with pastors in some rural churches and finally in a large city. Somehow the Lord sustained me as I was hardly coherent for much of the time. We did stay in a hotel, for about $13 last night and it had air conditioning, or at least it began with it, and the room stayed around 75 so we slept well. Tonight the room is at 89 at 8:30 pm so we have a ways to go.

One evening we had dinner at a small roadside restaurant with outdoor seating under a thatched roof. We enjoyed unique and wonderful Thai food. As we were finishing a cat jumped up a pole and reached up into the thatching to grab a rat. All this happened over my head and I was rooting for the cat to keep a hold on the rat. He did and all ended well. We were glad it happened after we finished rather than at the beginning of the meal. God is good to us, and to the cat; I cannot speak for the rat.


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