Tuesday, January 4, 2011

An Interesting Day

Today was an interesting day as we traveled across the city to a slum area where the ministry here, Logos Holistic Ministries, is doing some work. They just built a ministry center and we helped dedicate it. The building is quite small, I think they said 15 by 30. The pastor working there will live in this building as well as use it for ministry to the community. Actually it is bigger than the allotted 10 by 12 homes the government has built for the poor residents. The immediate area houses 20,000 people and the nearby area another 30,000. The pastor started this ministry about 5 years ago and was visiting once or twice a week. They felt that the Lord was telling them to move to the location so that they could better identify with the community. They lived in one of the small houses for three years and have seen real growth in the effort to reach these people. The people were at first very resistant to having them there but they have won them with their love and persistence. They now work with 2,000 children, and as the kids come to understand the message they go home and share with their families. This is just another example of the good work God is doing in India.

Tomorrow the training starts and the team from Valley will be a day late because their flight from Chicago was cancelled. So I might be doing a lot more teaching tomorrow than I expected. But this type of thing often happens and the Lord always helps us through. My internet access is sketchy but I will try to give updates as I can. Thanks for praying for me.



Tim said...

Thanks for these updates. I look forward to more news if the internet will work. I am excited for what God will do through you. Keep on keeping on. Keep on sharing what is going on.

Randy T said...

Al, tell Wilson and Aruna, Nish and Pinky, and the whole gang hello from me and that I am looking forward to being there in late March.