Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Final report from India

I apologize for not keeping up the reports for the blog. Between internet problems and a very hectic schedule, I have been unable to write. The conference went well in Ahmadabad after the team finally arrived. Everyone’s teaching was well received and at the end several pastors and women were asked to give testimony about what they had learned and how the conference had affected them. Each one mentioned several specific things they had learned from the various teachers, which showed how well they had paid attention. Several mentioned my teaching on marriage and one leader even said he had been struggling in his marriage and asked the whole congregation for prayer that he might implement what he had learned. It is very unusual for any of them to mention such private things and to do so in such an emotional way. I have committed to pray for him and his wife.

I had some good meetings with the leaders of the ministry here about the training network we are creating. They are all beginning to understand the concept and are getting excited about the project. Over the next several months they will be prayerfully choosing the initial master trainers that we will train to start the program. Pray for them that they will choose the best candidates for this position. Much work needs to be accomplished on their end and mine but we hope to get started with the training before the end of the year.

We concluded the conference with a time of simple carnival games for the slum kids who had been coming for the children’s program. They loaded about 130 kids in the back of a truck and brought them each day. The kids were super well behaved, a real testimony to the work that has been accomplished in their lives. Their changed lives is what is leading many of their parents to Christ. It was fun to see them so joyful with each little game we created for them.

We got up about 4:30 on Sunday morning and travelled all day to Goa, a more tropical area on the West coast of India. We were all quite tired by the time we got here. It is very warm and beautiful here and a good place to refresh and debrief from the conference. I have enjoyed getting to know the other team members during this time.

Tomorrow we get up at 3:30 to go to the airport for the trip back. I have a 12 hour layover in Delhi, an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam and a 3 hour layover in Minneapolis. Altogether I think it will be about 52 hours before I am home in Fort Dodge. Pray for my stamina and patience.


Editors note: My Dad will be arriving home sometime on Thursday evening, the 13th.

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