Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sunday in Congo

Today (Sunday) Alan preached with translation in Lingala and French. Most people speak French. He did well and it flowed well with everyone listening intently. You just don't know how it will go sometimes. We have been able to say a few words but have an excellent translator with us all the time. We are really enjoying the people and their warm fellowship. Can't wait to start the conference on Monday. We teach right up to the end (we fly out on the 16th). The services are always loud but reverently lively. There wasn't the praying all at once like we have had in some African countries. The church has 250 with a couple sister churches in outlying areas.

The women are so attractive with straighter hair-do's, nails done and beautiful styled dresses in native fabrics. They have that French flavor in the stylishness of their clothes and shoes. We are definitely working with a group that has education and more of the basics.

The food is mostly cubes of beef in a gravy or chicken, rice and greens. Really reminds me of southern food. They make good white bread French-like. Our meals at the guest house are simple and plain. Breakfast was different this morning with a small bowl of granola, bananas (very tasty)and cinnamon rolls. Yesterday at the restaurant I had a chicken quarter smothered in a curry gravy and rice.

Tonight (Sunday)we are meeting with someone they call an "apostle". I think he is considered a spiritual leader. We will learn more I am sure.



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