Thursday, April 9, 2009

House Calls

We have left Kolkata, in West Bengal India. The last night we were there we did house calls. The first home we visited was a family of believers. The man asked some practical questions that Alan answered for him from the scripture. They were such a sweet family. The second home was multi-family members of which the wife of the owner was the only believer. The son had slit his wrists recently and been in a hospital for 1month. He isn’t any better but had honest and hard questions to ask Alan. He did the best he could to answer them and then prayed passionately for him. His name is Michael. If you think of him pray for his salvation. Their other son died of a brain tumor.

We spent last night in Delhi and are headed this morning for Varanasi. It is a village with only 4 million people. We have to be discreet and careful since it is a strict Hindu area. We return here the next day and spend 2 days meeting with people here . On Friday the 10th we leave late at night and then arrive at 3:15pm on the 10th in Fort Dodge. Funny huh?

India is a difficult place to see. But what a light the Christians are here. They are really in contrast to their culture around them.

Thanks for listening and praying for us. We know your prayers are a sweet aroma to God on our behalf.

Love In Christ,

Al and Edie

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weatherlover said...

Remembering Michael as I write. What a light I believe you were to him and his family. I also believe that Al's passionate prayer will be honored by God. Interesting to get "home" before you leave!!! Hah! much love and prayers for safety and peace