Saturday, January 31, 2009

With Mixed Emotions

Yesterday was an emotional day. Al's Dad died early that morning. It was an answer to prayer as it gives us a few days to comfort and have phone contact with Al's Mom. She is doing remarkably well since she had some time to adjust. Her daughter and Son are also there with her helping her take care of so many details.
We are looking for a home for our beloved dog Kirby. Anne, our daughter took him and is trying hard for us to find him a home. Pray I don't have to go through separation and then have him back again to wiggle into my heart. (We are traveling too much to keep him).
Al has come down with a cold, draining what little strength to keep on keeping on. But we know God is superb at using situations like this to give us His strength and the where with all not to just give-up and climb into bed!
We appreciate you lifting us up, we love you all and thank God He has provided ways that the body of Christ can truely be a family. Take on the Day with Joy, Edie

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weatherlover said...

Want you to know that we were aware of the added feelings of anxiety with the loss of Al's father. Much prayer went up for you. We are excited to follow you on your journey. Praying a home for Kirby. I know how you love him. Lots of people have been trying to help in this endeavor.
We love you, and can't wait to see how your next step will grow you and find you obedient to HIM.
Love to you both!