Sunday, October 20, 2019

Marathon Travels

It seems like we are running. After our usual marathon trip from the US we dashed into Myanmar for a pre-conference. We spent 24 hours on airplane seats and 8 hours in airports to spend three days in Myanmar. But our time there was fruitful. What a delightful place and people! The pastors were a bit reserved and it was difficult to fully judge their responses but the leader was totally enthusiastic. What a wonderful man he is. We set plans to return in January to initiate our first workshop and discussed the possibility of soon expanding to other areas of the country. We will see how well this goes and how soon we can expand. 

We are now in Bangkok for the day awaiting our flight tomorrow morning at 1:20 am to Kenya. We will be there for four full days of training and a graduation celebration. It has been 11 years since we were first with this group and we expected to graduate them 5 years ago but the Lord had other plans. We will be delighted to celebrate this delayed recognition of achievement. We are dreading the long flight in the middle of the night there and then the reverse on the way back to Indonesia on Friday night. But the Lord sustains us when we are weak. 


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