Saturday, May 18, 2019

On to South Asia

We are now in our last stop in S Asia. It is hot! 107 today, and always over 100. We are adjusting. The workshop went well in Sri Lanka with the men really transformed by the Pathways study. Several mentioned how before their training started 3 years ago, under their old preaching method their people were not changing.  Now as they preach through books and passages, their people are starting to change. The situation in Sri Lanka is complicated and tense. The politics, the terrorist threat and the cultural clashes are all mixed in a mess. Where we were was quite normal except the Christians are afraid to send their children to school because of the threats of attacks from the Muslims. The Buddhists have attacked some mosques, with ensuing riots in more rural areas. The Christian response has surprised everyone, one of humility and grace. It has elevated Christianity for the first time in the minds of many. God is at work in spite of man’s sin.


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