Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Home, Safe & Sound

We are home, safe and sound. Our time in the sensitive country went very smoothly. At our meetings we were instructed to not leave the apartment in groups greater than 3 so as to not raise attention. We were all instructed about what to do if we got a knock at the door, but none came. The group is a very responsive eager group. One couple said after the first day while they were praying that night, they began to weep for joy over what they were learning. I think that is a first for me and a welcome encouragement. I slept very poorly the whole week due to a very hot room even with the door to our balcony left open all night (we could not control the heat), but it was a small cost for such a rewarding training. Thanks for your prayers for us.

The group is making plans to spread the training to other cities; they are already training about 50 in their city. This will help because we might not be able to visit these other cities and eventually, we might be kicked out altogether. They were also excited to get our book, Pathways Bible Study Method, in digital form in their language. Some are using it to train in their churches and others will do so soon. We plan to put it on our website for download to any wanting it. It teaches our tools but not our preaching help.

Now, much work to do in our next two months here in the US to plan for our next trip in May. Pray for quick jet lag recovery.


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