Friday, April 6, 2018

From Craiova to Lisbon

Wednesday, April 4:  Our time in Craiova went well, especially the last day as we met with the Baptist pastors. They seemed quite interested in supporting our training in the area. Staying with the Drolls was a blessing. They are amazing in their perseverance and faithfulness in discipling others.

We are now in Lisbon, Portugal. Once again, it is not clear what we will do here. This turns out to be a difficult time for us to be here as this weekend there is a Billy Graham crusade in the city and many are busy preparing for that. We will travel north to Porto to visit a key pastor there to see about training there. 

Yesterday afternoon we toured some of the area and it is beautiful here. Although it was very windy, we had a great time seeing some of the history of the area. A few blocks from the school where we are staying there are the remains of a Roman aqueduct. The sea and landscape are also beautiful.  

Pray for us that we will trust the Lord to make the right connections for us to do His will.


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