Friday, March 23, 2018

Notes on the Good and Not So Good in Italy

Sunday, March 18:  We arrived in Catania, Sicily last night around 6:30pm (11:30am Denver time). We went out to eat and went to bed dead tired at 9pm. I slept well until 2:30am but Edie did not. It was extremely noisy outside, lots of shouting, horns honking, etc., including at 5am a bad car crash right outside our apartment that badly injured at least one person. The police came, ambulances, etc. Edie went back to bed around 7am and slept till noon. Not the best start for us but we look forward to the rest of the day.

Wednesday, March 21:  It has been interesting here in Catania, in some ways good, in others bad. We have enjoyed seeing the sights, the ocean and ancient buildings. Our apartment has been adequate and well situated to walk easily to the places we wanted to go. However, it has been extremely noisy. We are right beside a major street that reduces to one lane near here so there is constant traffic noise and honking. At night the prostitutes congregate under our balcony and haggle or argue loudly nearly all night. On top of that the space below us is under construction so there is constant hammering, breaking up tile and concrete, etc. during the day. Our serene escape to meditate is not happening. We are trusting the Lord that this is where He wanted us and will prepare us for the rest or our still uncertain trip. 
Our landlords were able to get their car replaced (parked on the street and was totaled in the car crash our first night here) so that was good. We have one more day here and then on to Bucharest on Friday.



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