Saturday, June 25, 2016

Good Connections

Whew! I finally get a few hours off this morning so I can catch up on writing. The Global Proclamation conference in Bangkok was a blessing. It was very demanding time-wise and I was really bushed by the end of the day each long day (14-16 hours every day). I had a chance meeting with a group from the N country in S. Asia, (I am not being cute in my descriptions, many of these countries are now searching emails, etc. for key words and may deny visas for brethren so I am being careful with my words). My late supervisor who passed away last year mentored two men in this group. We had a great discussion and I think we will expand our training there to include this new group. I flew out to the I country on Thursday and arrived in a large eastern city, K, which I visited briefly 7 years ago. On the way, about 12 or so G Pro conference attendees were on the plane. I had some interesting conversations in the airport and on the plane. Several were so helpful in assisting me through check in and immigration, etc. Really sweet brothers I will probably never see again. 

I’m in K now. I had a meeting with key leaders last night, it was over 100 F but the internet said it felt like 120. Thankfully, we had air conditioning so the room was about 85 or so. The meeting went really well. I think there is good probability that we will train here soon. We will need to build another team to do that and are already working on that in Iowa. 

As I said, I get the morning off today. I will check out of the hotel, a rather spartan one this time, but with air-conditioning, praise the Master, and visit some ministry sites before catching a flight to the capital around 5 pm. In D, I will be rejoined with Edie who arrived there last night. I am really looking forward to that. We are so blessed to love each other and love being with each other all the time so 12 days apart is a long time. 

We will train for a week in D and then go south to our old training site at T to refresh and encourage the team there. A partner is also starting a new network in D so I will slip over to help him one day when we are there. After T, we go to Sri Lanka for a week for training and survey of new possibilities, so we have "miles to go before we sleep”. Thanks for your prayers for stamina and effectiveness.


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