Sunday, July 5, 2015

Delhi to Colombo

Our time in Delhi flew by and we made two very good contacts for future training in the area. One man was a translator for me in Ahmadabad but he lives in Delhi and has many contact there. We are excited about what may come of this but unsure how we will operate the training. We will have to recruit more pastors to help us. The other contact is a very wise older man who has worked in Delhi for years and has many contacts as well. Both men are getting to work right away for us to have a pre-conference this fall or next winter. It was hot in Delhi but bearable, unlike it had been a few weeks earlier with temperatures way above 100. Many people died there over the past months. On our last day, we had some time to explore and go out for dinner in a place where there used to be an old fort. We ate in a quaint restaurant that wasn’t too good but we survived it. We then decided to look for ice cream. There was a shop down a narrow corridor so we went in. It smelled awful in there, sewer gas or something, but we ordered Dutch chocolate anyway. We were surprised at how they made it. They poured a mixture in a blender and began blending it. Then they poured what I assume was liquid nitrogen in and kept stirring, steam rolling off the blender and counter in an amazing display. Finally, after several applications they turned around and began scooping the ice cream out into bowls. I did not know what we would get, but it turned out to be this amazing dark creamy chocolate ice cream, perhaps the best I had ever eaten. Wonders never cease!

We left Delhi on July 1 and flew into Colombo, Sri Lanka, our first visit here. We travelled 5 hours to the city, Vavuniya, and did not get to bed until nearly 1 am. Then we were up and began training the next day. I was a little fatigued but the Lord enabled. We are training with one of our former students from Trichy and he is doing a fantastic job. It has been such a joy to work with him. We did the Jonah training in 2 1/2 days primarily because he didn’t need translation as I do when I am teaching. I did not know everything that was going on sometimes but got the gist of it. We just finished and have the afternoon ( Saturday) off. A friend from our days in Las Vegas is coming to visit us tonight. He is Sri Lankan and lives here part time teaching at the seminary in Colombo. Through him, I was invited to preach at a local church in town. The Bishop of the church where we are training asked if I could preach there but  I had already made the other arrangement. So he asked if Edie could preach, but we graciously declined, much to Edie’s relief. After church, we drive back to Colombo. We are looking forward to it since our trip up was all in darkness. We travel along the coast most of the time so it should be fun. 

Monday, July 6, we fly back to India and on to Ahmadabad to set up a pre-training in Songadh later this fall. Our team of Iowa pastors will conduct that training. Then on Wednesday, the 8th we head back to Bangkok for an overnight and then on to San Diego, again for an overnight, then on to Fort Dodge on the 10th. All in all the trip has gone well, although for some reason we have had a few more stomach upsets than normal and I have struggled the last several days with sleepiness in the workshops. I now think it was because of some medication I was taking for restless legs. So no more of that medication on training days. Keep praying, we are on our last lap and still need your support.


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