Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Arrival in India

Sunday, January 25:  We arrived in India three nights ago. The flights all went fairly well with no big delays or missed planes. We are fighting the jet lag battle once again. The night before last we went to bed at 4 pm and although we had occasional times of being awake, we did not get up until after 3 am. Last night we made it until 8 pm and got up around 5 am although we both were awake for several hours in the night. Little by little we will adjust.

It is cool here, for India that is. It will reach 80 today for a high. We need a light jacket in the morning but the Indians are wearing full winter gear. This is by far the best time to visit.

Today we begin training, this time mostly listening to preaching through the book of Colossians and making comments for growth and improvement. Not all the participants will be able to come, some because travel is restricted in places because of elections, some because of illness.  

Yesterday we went to a Church of North India service. It was all in Hindi so we did not understand much except what our translator summarized in notes. But it was clear the speaker never interacted with the text. It was a special unity Sunday and the speaker was the national director of the India Council of Churches. We later were invited to sit and talk with him and other "big wigs" in the pastor's office. Who knows what may come of such conversations arranged by the Lord.  

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