Friday, February 15, 2013

India 2013

We just finished our second day of training here in India. I wanted to take time and talk about my back problems as I know many have been praying for me. The trip over was more difficult than usual because of my back. It was not too bad on the plane, just a bit more uncomfortable than usual. But in the airports it was more of a challenge. Walking and standing can be quite painful. I really looked like an old man at times as I had a hard time straightening up as my back tightened and spasmed. By God's grace I made it through. 

Now that I am here, my back has improved some so that I can mostly stand up straight but it is still painful at times. I am thankful that it has not been so bad that I have to sit while I teach. Sometimes I have spasms and have to grab the podium for a few seconds, and after an hour and a half, I have a hard time bending to sit down. It probably sounds worse than it is. I am thankful for your prayers. God has answered by enabling me to continue training with effectiveness. And a good side benefit is that I am learning patience, again.

The training is going fairly well. We love these guys so much. Today was a tough day as nothing seemed to go smoothly. That is how it is sometimes, tomorrow no doubt will be better. I am so thankful it is still cool here, which helps. It is in the low 80's during the day. Next week it will be in the middle 90's so that will be a different story. 

It is now 10 pm here and that is the latest I have stayed up due to jet lag. I've been waking up around 4 am so I hope to stay asleep a little longer tonight.


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