Thursday, December 6, 2012

Training goes well despite challenges

We had a great day today teaching on the Psalms. This has never been a strength for me, but I have really been enjoying learning about the Psalms and teaching about them. I had the added pleasure today of learning as I taught. Sometimes the Lord really surprises us. I am being refreshed by my own teaching and by my good friend and partner Mike as he teaches. He is such a godly man and an extraordinary teacher. Often we add into what each other is teaching. We have a lot of fun doing teaching together.

I was about 1 and 1/2 hours late to the training because I was meeting with the man from Ethiopia. What a joy that was! He is a good humble servant who shares many of our concerns and passions. We are praying for how we might work together in the future. 

Mike taught in my absence but we got a late start. We taught all day and ran out of time to do the electives on marriage. The pastors were concerned and wanted to start earlier so we could get to that subject. We will do our best to do that tomorrow. They are really hanging in there in spite of the heat but don't seem to be sleeping well as their quarters are even hotter than ours.

It has been a challenge for Edie and Suzanne. The women here are not well educated and are having a hard time catching the training. They also don't seem as motivated as the men. Tomorrow one woman who helps with the translation will  be missing. Edie and Suzanne are so wonderful, working hard and keeping a good attitude with all the challenges. They are heroes to me, so willing to be challenged, stretched, and face hardships, and soldier on with smiles on their faces. They are gems and one of them belongs to me. Thank you Lord!

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