Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot work in India

I apologize for not writing sooner but it has been difficult to find time.  We get home just in time to eat and hit the sack.  It has been a great week, but a taxing one.  I have battled various ailments, upset stomach issues from the food, hay fever, jet lag, etc.  It is quite hot, around 104 each day and humid.  We have no air conditioning but plenty of ceiling fans at the training center.  I am spent by the end of each day.  But the Lord has sustained me and given me strength for what I am here to do.  In some ways it is tough work to train here, but I love the people so much that it makes it worthwhile.  The students have performed better than expected so we are delighted.  They are all engaged and eager to participate and catch on quickly.  It has been a great start for the training network.  

I have worked with the leaders on challenges they face in organizing the effort and planning all the logistics for 4 training levels across 14 states.  It really is an amazing effort and will take the Lord's provision to succeed.  I think we got some issues ironed out today that have had them confused.  We have a good plan, but it is dependent on so many people to accomplish that we know the Lord must work in each one to get it done.  There are still financial challenges ahead as well that must be met soon for the project to keep going.  If you would like to sponsor a trainer, a state network or just help with some of the cost we would welcome any help you can give.  Just contact me at my email.

I am attaching a few photos of the trainers and the surrounding area.  We finish training tomorrow and head south to Trichy early on Monday morning.  They are not as well organized down there so we are not sure what we will face.  But the Lord knows.


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