Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Final Stretch in Kenya

My life sometimes feels like a zoo where they let all the monkeys out. Actually, this morning there was a monkey in a tree outside our building screaming at some birds. But otherwise life has been a bit chaotic since leaving Uganda. The trip to Kenya went fine but before I left I got a sore throat. I still have it a week later, although it is not bad. I am not sure if it is viral or allergic. A doctor gave me some antibiotics but they did nothing. Also I have a significant rash on my feet and lower legs. It doesn’t bother me much either but is awful to look at. I do not know if the two are related. The medication has made sleeping difficult and the meals have been haphazard so I am feeling a bit weak. From what I am not sure: food, lack of sleep, sickness, the heat??? This is Africa.

The training here did not get off to a good start. Only about half the class came the first day, so a lot of time was wasted. Today was better with only two missing. The pastors are such eager learners and though the progress is slow, it is consistent. I celebrate each small step forward as a major victory. By the end of the day I am beat, even though I have a training partner here, which helps a lot. I am not sure I could do it this week without help and the breaks that come when he teaches.

I have struggled for the past couple of weeks with internet availability. I thought when I got here it would be better because I brought a Safaricom modem in past years and it has worked great. But the first day somehow I accidental erased the driver on it and have been unable to fix it. So we go down to the Cyber CafĂ© in town and hook up there. It severely limits availability and makes the evenings long. But it is cheap, about 50 cents for a one half hour session. It’s not a place you want to stay in for a long time. I am attaching some photos of the time in Uganda. Enjoy!

Thank you for your continued prayers,


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