Saturday, December 3, 2011

Arrived Safely in Kenya

Thankfully, I arrived at my guest house in Kenya just after 2 am local time, around 11 pm Central time. Only 34 hours from Des Moines this time. I got about an hour of rest from Detroit to Amsterdam, and another hour on the way to Nairobi, and felt like that was enough to get me by quite nicely, although I was glad to see the bed when I got here. I had some significant conversations with a nominal Christian American, a good Christian brother, and a Muslim man from Mombasa.

It is the middle of summer here, high 80’s every day and quite humid. I walked into town today to get money exchange, and to get minutes for my computer modem, and on the way home it began to pour. I was soaked by the time I got home, a good cool shower that I know I will pay for later as it continues to heat up and steam.

I feel so privileged to be here to serve and train these men and women in the Word of God. Pray for us that this week will be significant to their progress, and for their transformation through His Word, and our transformation as well, of course.


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