Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Uganda Surprises

The Lord never ceases to surprise me! This trip to Uganda is just one more example of His surprising ways. The teaching has gone very well with the students listening well and making good progress. They are perhaps the most enthusiastic learners we have had yet. They love to ask questions. It has been fun to teach them, in part because they come from so many different denominations. We are working with a group called Impact Ministries and they obviously have a vision to serve pastors who are not from their association. I had an opportunity to meet with their leader this afternoon to discuss his vision and to consider whether we can work together in the future in the training of pastors. As he discussed his passion to train pastors in the Word he talked about his vision for the effort, describing a process he would like to see. It was almost identical to my vision for training, including decentralizing the training through trainers that are sent out to various parts of the country. I was amazed. As I told him what I was doing elsewhere, he immediately saw that it was what he would like to see here. Certainly we have much more to learn about each other but the future looks promising. He is already working in nearly half the states in Uganda, so the potential for training pastors here is great.

Perhaps it is a small thing but our accommodations here have also been a surprise. Usually spending two weeks in Africa is a bit of a challenge due to the housing and food. It is usually adequate but tiresome. I was anticipating enduring two weeks during my training and thinking I would be ready for my own bed and some good American cooking when I got home. I am sure that is still true but the housing and food have been very good here. We are actually enjoying our meals. I consider that just one more of God’s gracious gifts to me to prepare me for a little more austere living in Kenya next week.


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