Monday, April 11, 2011

Hot & Humid in Kenya

We just returned from preaching at a village church for Sunday service. The service began at 10:30 and I began preaching at noon. The people in the small church were so attentive and appreciative. We spent the afternoon with the pastor talking about ministry and scripture. It was a great day.

This last week has been very fruitful. We had a good training time with Eric, a ReachGlobal staff person from Dar Es Salaam, and Daniel, the bishop of our partner churches here, who we were introducing to the material we will use this next week with the equippers we are training. It is so good to just study the bible together with other godly men. Eric has been a great blessing. He is younger than us and full of energy and enthusiasm. He has a great heart to train pastors so we look forward to partnering with him in the future. Daniel is such a godly and humble leader. We really enjoy working with him as well. Brad, my training partner, and I were able to work out some of the bugs in our training as we worked with Eric and Daniel. Edie was a great help to us in letting us know what areas were unclear to her and might then also be to the pastors. We can’t wait to see the other pastors tomorrow and to renew our relationships.

We continue to battle with the heat and humidity. It gets down to about 85 at night in our room so it is a challenge to sleep well. A large group is here in the guest house tonight so it also very noisy. Thank the Lord for earplugs!

Pray for us as we begin a week of intense training with the pastors. Pray that we will purpose to exalt Christ as we give them skills for understanding the word for themselves. Pray that the men will not grow weary with the long hours of learning. Pray that Edie will be able to touch the hearts of the women with God’s word and practical applications. Al is contending with a scratchy throat so needs the Lord’s healing hand. We ask you to lift him up with that as well.

Al & Edie

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